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Level 1 students...

I’d like to congratulate to all Level 1 students for passed their certificates. Grace, for being one of our youngest students at JB Training studying British Sign Language (BSL). Grace had so many positive and lovely words to describe her achievement in learning BSL to communicate with Deaf people.

I’d like to see our younger generation become bilingual in BSL just as they learn spoken languages such as French, Spanish, and German. We want to campaign for our Deaf children’s future, to recognise the place of their language - BSL - in our society and within the Deaf community, as our language is invisible and can cause communication barriers everyday!

We’d like to set up for BSL classes specifically for children and young people in the future. If you are interested in joining a BSL class aimed at younger people, please get in touch with us at JB Training. 


Congratulations to our youngest student who has passed her BSL level 1 just before Christmas 2016. 
Lianna (Heathfield School, Darlington), aged 10 passed her level 1 with flying colours!  Well done!


CONGRATULATIONS to all the students in Darlington who completed their 101 section of their BSL level 1 exam - they all PASSED! Time to practise for their next two sections!

St Augustine RC School

JB Training ran a successful 10 week Deaf Awareness course attended by teachers from St Augustine's Primary School in Darlington. We are delighted to report that all the teachers passed the course with flying colours!

Teacher Jacqueline Barnes-Jones, who is Deaf herself, delivered the accredited course after-hours in the school with the aim of increasing awareness and teaching communication tactics, striving to raise the teachers' skills and understanding of the issues that Deaf children face. Really wanting to make a difference to Deaf children's experience and learning in school the course content was packed with realms of information, stories and experiences, being fun, interactive but most of all, inspiring.

Having first hand experience of education as a Deaf person Jacqueline's teaching proved invaluable and came very highly commended by all who attended.

"Excellent course. Amazing teacher who made the learning fun. Thank you."

"The sessions proved invaluable and have already shown to make an impact on the teachers' everyday work."

"We would all like to thank Jacqueline for this experience. I feel much more confident in my skills and enriched by this experience. The training was very thorough and at the same time very 'touching'. It made me realise again how easy it is to become 'blindfolded' in our communication, especially with people who are less oral. It was a real 'eye opener' and very helpful as we now are more equipped and confident."

Jacqueline Barnes Jones tells us, " It was a pleasure to teach the course to such a motivated group of learners, who it was obvious to see already provide a wonderful service to their pupils, to see them completing the course with an even broader mind and more skills than they arrived with is very fulfilling."


Durham NHS BSL Level 1 group

A big congratulations to the Durham NHS BSL Level 1 group who have all passed their Level 1! Well done and keep signing!

inter-face: Business e-News from Darlington Borough Council

Jacqueline Barnes-Jones is a young, deaf professional based and living in Darlington.  She is married with two children and is highly motivated by a desire to create a mutually inclusive society void of barriers.  To this end, she has successfully established her own business focussing on provision of British Sign Language classes (BSL), Deaf Awareness and other bespoke training courses to suit private and public sector needs.

Congenitally deaf, Jacqueline explains the benefits of tuition offered by a native BSL user.  From the onset the learner acquires first hand experience in communicating with a deaf person, gains insight into the rich, divergent culture of the deaf community and is able to discern some of the barriers faced daily by deaf people in the community.

Having experienced a lifetime of barriers in her everyday life, from banks to retail to education to health appointments; she has encountered not only language barriers, but also a general lack of awareness and foresight with those she has met.  Jacqueline has learned coping strategies but believes it is time for change and she can aid others in identifying perceived problematic areas and offer effective solutions.

The Equality Act (2010) denotes that public bodies have to consider all individuals when carrying out their day-to-day work – in shaping policy, in delivering services and in relation to their own employees*. One previous student explains how the training she received from Jacqueline has helped her to do this, "The fairly basic ability to be able to greet and have a simple conversation with a deaf person who attends my Outpatient Department is a bonus, we pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming to everyone who uses our service." 
Source: www.dbcinterface.com/jb-training/

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