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“We found this session really valuable and interesting, as it opened our eyes to the Deaf world. We had a fun time with Jacqueline and were relaxed and laughing throughout.

She answered so many of our questions! Highly recommend this session for people working in public-facing roles.”

Congratulations to one of our youngest students ever for achieving her Level 1!

Children and families of all ages are welcome to study with JBJ Training.

Just email us if you’d like more information.

From Grace: 

“I wanted to start learning BSL so that I was able to communicate with deaf people and I’m hoping in the future to be an interpreter. My teacher Susan is deaf but she made it easy to communicate and learn. Learning BSL level 1 made me feel happy and I’ve shown lots of people in my class at school some signs :)”.

Durham uni - level 1 Academy year 2016-17

"I really enjoyed the teaching and support throughout the whole course."

"Thank you for teaching us this year, I have really enjoyed learning BSL and hope to keep using it."



Unison Deaf Awareness Training - Newcastle (1.11.17)

The course was really interesting and helped me gain better awareness and understanding.

All the topics were very beneficial and will help me in my role.

Excellent course.  Very information and an eye opener.

Excellent introduction to Deaf Awareness and BSL.  All companies and organisation would find it beneficial. 

I think the course should be a 'must' for everyone. 

Very useful course, very information on how hard of hearing people struggle with understanding basic conversations. 

I think we sometime don't realise how difficult it can be for a deaf person or how excluding it can be.  A course like this is great in giving you the confidence to be more Deaf aware. 

Excellent course, I would recommend. 

It was good training and a very good teacher and interpreter. Thank you.

Really helpful to aid in my communication with staff and members.

A great afternoon which gave me a greater understanding of the deaf community. 

Very interesting and very thought provoking.

I would like to learn more as it would help with my role as receptionist.

The course was very good, would like to see this subject in more detail, say a full day.



Congratulations to our youngest student who has passed her BSL level 1 just before Christmas 2016. 
Lianna, aged 10 passed her level 1 with flying colours!  Well done!

Level 2

I’m really looking forward to Level 3 with JB Training. I feel more confident in having conversations and understanding BSL every day. Thank you for making the course so welcoming and enjoyable 

Level 3

A friendly, passionate teacher, who provided a motivated but relaxed environment to learn; I learned lots about deaf culture and improved my confidence to sign fluently and had lots of fun doing so. 

Overall experience of BSL level 3 has been very good and I am very glad I decided to do it 


Durham University - BSL and Deaf Awareness Taster sessions

"I would like to thank you on behalf of the Access Partnerships Team, to thank you and Susan, as well as your interpreters Jemma and Karen, for running two incredibly successful sessions for us over the last couple of days. We have received extremely positive feedback from our visiting students and mentors and would very much like to work with you again should the opportunity arise."
"As I mentioned to Susan and Karen, we found out about JB training through your professional website and also as you were rated as one of the top Sign Languiage and Deaf Awareness session providers in the North East."
"Amongst much positive feedback from our student mentors, they remarked how accessible the taster sessions were for beginners and how students were particularly interested to learn of the situations which require sign language in families and communities and were grateful for your insight. We also observed how the students were using the phrases they had learned outside of the sessions in between other activities."

1-1 class, BSL level 1, Durham 

"I have really enjoyed the entire BSL course, and interaction with yourself via email and with Susan, who is an amazing teacher and a genuinely lovely person. "

"Deaf Awareness Training, Peterlee"

"Found course content very good."

"Excellent course, well presented, 10/10"

"Very information, eye opening"

"Very interesting course. I now have a better understanding of being Deaf Aware"

"Nice, friendly course"

"Really enjoyable course, very interesting "

"Very interesting and helpful.  My grand daughter is profoundly deaf so thought I knew a lot - I was wrong.  I have a lot to learn with regards to signing!"

"Very interesting and helpful course"

"Very well delivered and informative"

"Lovely atmosphere, some laughs as well as serious. Well done"

"Excellent, really worthwhile training. Thank you "

 British Sign Language level 2, Darlington
“I really enjoyed the BSL 2 course and was so pleased to pass my exams.  The course was fun and I received a lot of support from Jacqueline.”
British Sign Language, Level 1, Durham
"I completed BSL level one with my daughter at the beginning of this year. We both found the course very enjoyable and met some nice people. Our tutor Susan, was excellent and was always extremely helpful and made us feel at ease.  My daughter and I would definitely recommend this course.  We hope to continue onto level two in the future."

Deaf Awareness Training, Ambulance staff, Durham

"Great day. Would definitely recommend the course. Very informative, The trainer and interpreter  made the day enjoyable and answered all questions put to them."
"Superb course. Well presented and rewarding. A pleasure to attend."
"Interesting day, very informative."
"Very informative, I feel much more confident about working with Deaf and hard of hearing people."
"A very good intro into how to communicate with a Deaf person."
"Really enjoyable course. The trainer and interpreter were both excellent. Would really like to take up the next level.  Job well done. Thank you."
"This has been an exceptionally useful and interesting course, brilliantly delivered, great fun. I want the next level up now!"
"Brilliant course and well presented."
"Relaxed, informal but with a clear focus, well presented and easy to understand."
"Really enjoyable course. I now have a better understanding and understand Deaf Awareness more."
"Best course I've attended."
"First class course, very well presented."
'Excellent course - would strongly recommend to others'
"This has been an exceptionally useful and interesting course, brilliantly delivered, great fun. I want the next level up now!"
"Brilliant course and well presented."
"Relaxed, informal but with a clear focus, well presented and easy to understand."
"Really enjoyable course. I now have a better understanding and understand Deaf Awareness more."
"Best course I've attended."
"First class course, very well presented"
Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

British Sign Language, Level 1, Durham

"I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful experience that I had in learning BSL with Susan, and also to express my interest in pursuing BSL level 2. I would very much like to hear of any further details regarding the upcoming BSL course in September, thank you once again."

Ambulance Basic Deaf Awareness

"Most definitely recommend to a colleague."
"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Learnt a lot."
"Invaluable training session that should be part of any Health Care Workers basic training. Essential but very enjoyable."
"A good learning experience and good fun at the same time."
"Really useful discussions on being more aware of communicating with deaf people and excellent introduction to signing."
"A fantastic course, excellent interpreters, it has been a fabulous learning experience. Thank you."
"Excellent course. Amazing teacher who made the learning fun. Thank you."

St Augustine RC school, Darlington, teachers & teacher assistants.

"A fantastic informative course. Thank you for helping me to feel confident in the areas we covered. "
"Excellent course with lots of information about the different types of hearing loss."
"We would all like to thank Jacqueline for this experience. I feel much more confident."
"Jacqueline is a a amazing as a teacher and person."

"The training was very thorough and at the same time very 'touching'. It made me realise again how easy it is to become 'blindfolded' in our communication, especially with people who are less oral. It was a real 'eye opener' and very helpful as we now are more equipped and confident."


Various testimonials

Thank you so much for encouraging me to do this course. I am having so much fun and its wonderful to feel like I'm learning again - I love the challenge and I actually feel like I'm learning something worthwhile. I couldn't be more happy.
Natalie Hodgson September 2014

Having recently completed my level 2 course of BSL and awaiting my exam results , I would highly recommend joining a class . I found my experience fun yet challenging. Most of all being able to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing even on a basic level was and is a joy.
Gem Thomson

A truly professional yet friendly approach to not only learning BSL but also an insight to understanding the culture. Jackie tailors her approach to suit the needs of each individual and goes above and beyond in her own time to ensure every student progresses? I literally have loved every minute of every session and look forwards to studying Level 3 BSL in the future. thank you JB Training
Ruth, July 2014
Thank you for all your hard work and patience with me throughout the course and I don't think I could of done it with out you. I had a wonderful time learning with Jackie. She made the course enjoyable and fun as well as educational. I learned a great deal about the deaf community that I did not know before. Thank you so much
Sarah, June 2014

I found the course very useful and I enjoyed learning sign language. I thought that it was taught very well and although challenging in some parts was very rewarding. I hope to carry on with this skill
Kristina, June 2014

Fantastic course delivered by a fantastic teacher!!!
Nichola, June 2014
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course I did with JB Training, Jacqueline taught me so much more than a new type of communication – I had no idea! Jacqueline is extremely easy to approach, she made learning interesting and very informative, she helped everyone on the course gel, and she also has a great way of putting you at ease – especially at exam times! I would advise anyone who is given the opportunity to learn with Jacqueline to grab it with both hands, it is full on but worth every minute. Today I had my first (brief) conversation with a Deaf patient – I felt quite emotional and surprised at how much this meant to me. I will definitely keep on practicing. Thank you for all your help." - Ruth
JB Training has been a pleasure to work with on the delivery of BSL level 1 qualification at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. A bespoke programme was prepared to meet the needs of our staff in a healthcare setting which made the content relevant and useful as well as being an enjoyable experience. I have received very positive feedback from those who attended and were successful in achieving this qualification.
Jillian Wilkins, Equality and Diversity Lead.
I really enjoyed the course, it challenged me and made me laugh, cry and then laugh again.
Defo worth everyone having a crack at it, you are a passionate approachable tutor and I am sad that our journey came to an end.
I feel we showed our tutor respect and she valued our contributions in class. We had a good working learning set.
The class was fun, relaxed and I was very sad it ended; our tutor was funny; used lots of anecdotes and life experience to help us learn. She is approachable and engaged us well.Our tutor is magic and I really enjoyed the time we had and the mix of people there.
Such a shame it had to end, we were all starting to be able to use the basics with more confidence.
I really enjoyed the course, who knows I may try my hand to level 2!
I really enjoyed the course and I think that Jackie is a great teacher, our class had a great mix of people and I think that we all have forged friendships from this that we would not have in any other circumstances.  I would interested in doing  Level 2 if the chance ever came up.
Great! Thanks very much Jacqueline, for your support and patience throughout the course. It added to the enjoyment.
Thank you for being a fantastic group, I really enjoyed teaching you. Thank you for my lovely gifts!' Jacqueline.
I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  It was great to interact with colleagues from different parts of healthcare, but by far the best aspect of the course was the teaching.  Jacqueline made the whole thing fun and interesting.  She used different approaches to teaching and this variety kept our interest and enthusiasm going.  I don't think there was one session where we didn't laugh out loud at something.  Some people found it a bit tiring to do the evening session after a long day at work, but we knew we would always enjoy our evening.
The most stressful part was the exams on camera!  We all found that a bit of a trial, but again, Jacqueline did her best to prepare us and make it as easy as possible. I regret that I don't have the time or opportunity to go on to do level 2, but I hope that my limited knowledge of BSL will be helpful to me when communicating with deaf people in my work area.
Jan (NHS Durham Student)
A huge thank you to Jackie. She is such a wonderful teacher, who is friendly and approachable and always makes the sessions good fun. The sense of pride you feel when you sign and can be understood is amazing. Having completed level one I can't wait to begin level two.
Gillian (NHS Student)
"I would like to say thanks for being a patient tutor and providing a fun filled opportunity to have an understanding of BSL - it certainly was great to be a part of the course. I do feel that I can hold a reasonable conversation with the deaf and this was hightlighted when your friend came and chatted to us - I was most enlightened by my understanding - shame I just cannot translate that to in front of a camera! But whatever happens I have had a good time learning BSL."
Sarah (Darlington NHS Student)
a gift I received from the students
"I have found the BSL course extremely interesting and challenging at times, Jacqueline is a fantastic teacher, always encouraging us to practice practice practice. I have really enjoyed it and hope to progress to level 2."
Nicola (NHS Student)
"I found the presentation excellent and very informative, I could have stayed for longer as I found it very interesting."
"I enjoyed the session, I learned a lot."
"Brilliant presenter, very informative and enthusiastic."
"It was a great experience."
"Well presented, a good variety of topics covered."
"Interesting to learn about differences between Deaf and deaf."

(Deaf Awareness Taster Session attendees, Sensory Information Day event, County Durham Hall)
"I have loved every minute of it, even though it is hard going and there is a lot to learn.  You are a very good teacher, you are very patient with us and spend extra time when we are struggling.  You have made the class very enjoyable too, which makes learning easier. I have also managed to secure a secondment place training to be a Retinal Screener because of the course. Prior to this my application was not considered because I did not have an NVQ in a caring subject, but the sign language counts as such, which is brilliant. I would just like to thank you for all your hard work and encouragement and I would recommend the course to everyone, as it gives you an insight into deaf awareness as well as a skill for the future."
Pauline (NHS Student)
"I have always wanted to learn Sign Language and when I got the opportunity I jumped at the chance. I never thought I would pick it up  so easily, from the word go I was signing and I loved it. The course is great fun and the tutor is extremely patient. I would recommend anyone who is interested in learning British Sign Language to do so. you won't regret it!!!"
Andrea (NHS Student)
"I am really enjoying the course. The learning has included lots of fun and everyone is friendly and keen to help each other. The fairly basic ability to be able to greet and have a simple conversation with a deaf person who attends my Outpatient Departments will be a bonus where we pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming to everyone who uses our service. It does emphasise that we say such a lot with our body language and facial expressions and this is so much more important when hearing is impaired. I really must try to stop practicing my signing before going to sleep at night though. My husband thinks I am having some sort of fit!"
Jan (NHS student)
'I have loved the course since day one. Some days are more intense than others, but the level of information is great, I have 2 daughters age 9 and 7 and they even look at my book and have picked up bits and know the alphabet. You communicate it so well which I never thought I would grasp but it has been great and you teach it so easy. What have I most enjoyed is it is obviously a new skill which I thought would be impossible for me to pick up but it is something I can grow.'
Deborah (NHS Student)
'It's a great challenge to learn a new language. There's a lot to learn but Jacqueline's enthusiasm really helps. I've particularly enjoyed the section in 101 about giving directions and in 102 about animals and pets. I'm keen to use the new skills in my job, if only just to greet a deaf/hard of hearing patient in their own language.'
Carolyn (NHS Students)
'BSL is a skill I have always wanted to learn and I have enjoyed the course very much, I have met a new group of lovely people whilst learning a new skill. The classes themselves are in-depth with a large amount of information to absorb but Jacqueline always makes it great fun, and we always leave with a smile on our faces.'
Gill (NHS Student)
'I am really enjoying the course although it is a lot harder than what i thought it was going to be. This is made enjoyable by the good teaching method that you have and the fact that you are very approachable. I LOVE your funny stories and your good sense of humour and you always make me smile.'
Dawn (NHS Student)
'I love the course and our teacher, Jacqueline is inspirational, making learning fun and interesting. As I work in the Audiology department it means I can provide a better service to my profoundly deaf patients, rather than worrying about visiting the department, I hope they can feel at ease and confident that they are valued and cared for as much as anyone else. The variety of teaching techniques used during the course provide an excellent basis for learning.'
Susan (NHS Student)
'The class has been great. It's been hard trying to remember everything but it's slowly starting to sink in. I've met some lovely people, learnt loads, and had some great laughs while learning. Highlight of the course has to be describing the animals especially the big fluffy dog with the big waggy tail.'
Dionne (NHS Student)
"I really enjoyed this course and I feel that Sign Language is a useful skill that is not only interesting to learn but could potentially benefit others. The teaching was excellent and the amount of information on sheets that I was given, especially on food, was very helpful for a recap later. I look forward to continuing Sign Language next year." (Morton, pupil)
"It was a pleasure to work with Jacqueline (JB Training Manager). She was always professional, reliable and offered an excellent service. Jacqueline was able to work with a deaf parent to teach her parenting skills in a constructive way and offer a good analysis of the situation which has assisted greatly in making decisions for the child's future placement. I would have no hesitation using JB Training's services again in the future."
Suzanne Robinson (Independent Social Worker)
"Having passed my level one, I found Jacqueline to be a very friendly, enthusiastic, and (especially for me) patient teacher, she makes learning fun. Jacqueline has shown me that to quicken my learning it is helpful to mix with the Deaf community and essential to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!
Gem Thomson (April,)
JB Training offers a varied selection of courses, taster sessions, guidance and advice, all of which are flexible to suit your needs. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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